Student Computing @ Cal Project


Information technology is crucial to virtually all aspects of student academic life. Access to and support of technology and information tools is a key part of the student experience at UC Berkeley and a coordinated and systematic approach in managing and delivering these services is vital to student success. A collaborative partnership between Educational Technology Services (ETS), the Office of the CIO (OCIO), Student Affairs Information Technologies (SAIT), and the University Libraries have proposed a three­-pronged approach to address this problem.

Goals and Objectives

The Student Computing @ Cal project aims to transform the entire student computing experience at UC Berkeley while reducing redundancy and creating new services that can scale across campus.

The Student Computing @ Cal Project will:

  • Create a campus­-wide student help desk that will help students configure, use, and troubleshoot their hardware and software.
  • Develop a proactive outreach program to help students find technology tools.
  • Improve services provided in general access computer lab computing environments, including essential software, hardware, and printing.


UC Berkeley students will benefit from new and better technology services, including:

  • As a guiding and fundamental principle, we will ensure we offer accessible solutions for students, faculty, and staff. 
  • A  Student Tech Help Desk fully integrated with the campus Information Technology Service Delivery model, ensuring all students can easily access technology services at a variety of service hubs on campus.
  • A new brand presence for the student technology support program, formerly ResComp, which will help all students, not just residents, more easily identify with and access technology services.
  • A new student technology online resource.
  • Fully coordinated and centralized support for computing labs, including printing services.
  • An ongoing review process for evaluating and implementing new technologies to provide more relevant and effective IT support to students.
  • A data-informed process to regularly review and surface needs, trends, and usage of Student Technology and Student Tech Help Desk services.

Project Beneficiaries

All undergraduate and graduate students and IT service providers on campus.


Executive Sponsors

Larry Conrad, Associate Vice Chancellor for IT and Chief Information Officer

Jenn Stringer, Assistant Vice Chancellor for IT and Deputy Chief Information Officer

Tactic Leads

Anne Marie Richard, Associate CIO and Director, Student Affairs IT

Owen McGrath, Associate Director of Teaching & Learning Spaces and Operations, ETS

Contributing Organizations

Educational Technology Services

Office of the Chief Information Officer

Student Affairs Information Technology

The University Library   

Major Milestones

June 2020: Project completed.

Spring 2020: Launched second Student Help Desk location in lobby of Eshleman Hall.

Fall 2019: Results of the student tech resource survey conducted in spring

Spring 2019: Laptop focus groups and piloting print service providing printer location map to students

Fall 2018 - Spring 2019: Student computing device pilot

Fall 2018: Launch of Student Print Kiosk pilot

Jan. 2018: Launch of Pharos MobilePrint for wireless printing

Aug. 2017: Outreach and services integrated into new student experience via CalCentral and Golden Bear Orientation

May 2017: Student Technology Services program and website announced 

Aug. 2016: Student Tech Help Desk pilot launched 


Send questions to Anne Marie Richard, Associate CIO and Director of Student Affairs IT

Funding Organization

Student Technology Fund logo

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