Templates for All Projects

We refer to these as the dirty dozen, 12 tools recommended by TPO for all of your project needs.


Why is this important?

Project Charter Template

Provides a high level overview of the agreed upon project deliverables between the project sponsor and project manager/team. Helps manage expectations & serves as a project roadmap. 

Note: The TPO recommends the problem statement worksheet to help you develop the charter.

RACI Matrix Template

Determine who is responsible, accountable, consulted and informed for each task within your project.

Note: The TPO recommends the roles and responsibilities worksheet to aid in RACI development.

Requirements Template

Keep track of what requirements have been developed, tested, and completed.

Project Plan Template

Properly schedule key tasks, subtasks and milestones to keep your project on track.

Note: Many project plan/schedule templates exist on the internet. For example, you may find generic schedules for construction, software implementation, or web redesign projects. Use these to get started.

Risk Register Template

After using the Managing Project Risks worksheet, use this tool to keep track of and monitor project risks.

Action, Issues and Decision Log Template

Track all project actions, issues and decisions within this tool and assign an owner.

Test Plan Template

Document each test case with the expected result and actual results to ensure the desired outcome.

Project Status Summary Template

This template provides a one-page status of your project for busy executives and team members. 

Communication Plan Template

Document and keep track of the channels, audiences, timing, messages & purpose for the communication of your project. Before using this template, you may find the Project Communication Worksheet helpful as it contains tips, a list of audiences and communication channels that can be used for your project.

Lessons Learned Template

Track what went well and what can be improved after major phases or end of your project. You can use these lessons to better manage the existing or future projects. 

Kick-off Presentation Template

Helps you plan what to tell the stakeholders at the beginning of the project. Helps manage expectations about what work will be done, and what benefits will be achieved.

Meeting Agenda Template

Enhances organization and efficiency by provididng you a structured outline for meetings.