PM Worksheets

Need a cost estimate? Need to understand the problem? Get ready for your project with these worksheets. 


Why is this important?

Problem Statement Worksheet

Clarifies the problem your project is meant to solve, whom the project affects, and what a proper solution will do.

Project Communication Worksheet

A checklist of the communication channels at Berkeley, with tips on how to create an effective Communication Plan. Use it to consider who should know about your project.

Budget Checklist

A checklist to consider and calculate the cost for your project. See here for a more detailed checklist with formulas that will help you calculate year 1 to 5 costs. As always, the TPO is here to help you with your project’s budget.

Managing Project Risk Worksheet

Learn how to identify, assess and prioritize the risks of your project so you can be prepared for problems when they occur.

Roles and Responsibilities Worksheet

Determine roles and responsibilities for all members of the project.

User Stories Worksheet

Create a simplified description of a requirement by mapping out the users, wants and whys. Helps maintain user expectations and make sure user requirements are met.