FY21 Accomplishments

We champion diversity.

Strategically Aligned IT Organization

While completing all the projects listed here and continuing to support campus through the pandemic, we tackled other big projects that helped evolve our department. Offices were moved from Earl Warren Hall to their new location at 2850 Telegraph. In December 2021, we completed our Organizational Design Project (ODP) to create a strategically aligned IT organization and launched our new organization transitioning from Information Services and Technology (IST) to UC Berkeley's Information Technology department (informally, Berkeley IT). The objective guiding our ODP work:

Build an agile central IT organization that serves as a strategic partner with the UC Berkeley community to efficiently deliver campus IT services. Create a structure and culture that is inclusive, actively embraces diversity and equity, where IT professionals can do their best work.

Here’s a breakdown of how we met our objective:


  • Developed our Agile Collaborative Team (ACT) framework. A cross-functional team charged with exploring a critical strategic challenge that will transform the way we work and/or deliver services.
  • Reorganized our functions to enhance synergies and be more agile in our delivery of services.
  • Created a collaborative leadership model that empowers decision-making at the right level.

Strategic Partner

  • Launched the Campus IT Experience unit.
  • Created a new ITSM group to support best practices.
  • Created the Technology Leadership Council to engage our partners.
  • Supported an IT Community Council “reboot” to broaden impact and connection.


  • Centralized billing under Business Operations and investing in new technology solutions to streamline processes.
  • Initiated the move towards the full consolidation of our Service Desk and Tier 1 operations.
  • Renewed focus on and investment in IT service management.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

  • Brought in a consultant to help us meet our commitment to using a DEIBJ lens throughout the ODP process.
  • Partnered with the Action Team for feedback throughout the process.
  • Created a new People, Performance and Culture unit that reports directly to the CIO.
  • Realignments made to job titles to bring equity and consistency across our organization.
  • Created a full-time “Culture Officer” role dedicated to DEIBJ work.
  • Continued to strengthen our hiring practices with a focus on DEIB.

Best Work

  • New unit People, Performance and Culture that reports directly to the CIO.
  • A focus on professional development and creation of a position to support career growth across bIT.
  • Moved to funding all professional development centrally to ensure all staff have access to the training they want and need.
  • Organized staff in ways that will strengthen and improve operations and service delivery.

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We act with integrity. 

Security IS-3 Implementation

Completed a Unit Assessment pilot program for IS-3 Implementation and made improvements based on feedback. Identified units for the next cohort, including high-risk research units. Socialized the IS-3 framework with campus leadership and the research community. This was another collaborative effort involving the following teams: Information Security Office; Data Platform Services; Environment, Health and Safety IT; Intercollegiate Athletics IT; Letters and Sciences IT. View list of accomplishments

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We deliver. 

IT for COVID Recovery

Supported campus in using technology to aid in COVID recovery and returning to the physical campus. Solutions included: 

In a matter of months from the start of COVID, the Student Technology Equity Program (STEP) secured funding from the central campus, Student Technology Fund, and Student Affairs, and launched the program in time for the start of Fall 2020 semester. Approximately 4,700 students (66% undergraduates and 34% graduate students) were served by the STEP program. 9,400 pieces of technology (laptops, tablets, wi-fi hotspots, headphones, webcams, etc.) were provided to students with need. The UVA Wi-Fi Enhancement Project also brought wireless network coverage to all 975 apartments at University Village, Albany. View more STEP stats

All of these projects are great examples of the collaborative efforts that exist in our One IT community, bringing together the following teams: Data & Platform Services Engineering IT; Enterprise Data and Analytics; Information Security Office; Student Affairs IT; and University Health Service IT. Campus now has the IT tools in place it needs to be able to manage during limited capacity on campus. This collection of work enabled the return to campus in the fall.

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We innovate. 

Enterprise Data and Analytics

Provided campus leaders and analysts with the information and data exploration tools needed to make critical decisions while navigating the monumental instructional, research, operational, and financial challenges posed by the pandemic. Lead: Enterprise Data and Analytics; Research, Teaching, and Learning. Accomplishments:

  • COVID Dashboards - Collaborated with University Health Services and Environment, Health and Safety to establish a set of public and internal dashboards to inform campus leaders’ decision-making during the COVID recovery. Berkeley’s COVID dashboards, viewed over 100,000 times, rated in the top 10 among universities in the nation.

  • Instructional Resilience Research - In partnership with Research, Teaching and Learning, supported the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost’s Instructional Resilience initiative by providing significant SIS- and Canvas-sourced data sets for Professor Zachary Pardos’s instructional resilience research. 

  • Enterprise Data Lake - Established live streaming of Canvas learning management system usage data into the Enterprise Data Lake capturing millions of events each day. By comparing student usage patterns (or lack of usage) based on this data via the Berkeley Online Advising tool, advisors may identify students at risk and intervene sooner. 

  • Cal Viz Consortium - Welcomed Berkeley Regional Services as we continue to grow the community of campus analysts and departments using data visualization to inform campus decision-makers and to tell the UC Berkeley story.

Student Information Systems (SIS), Phase 2

Completed critically needed enhancements to improve the utility of SIS—on time and on budget. Led by the Enterprise Applications team, project deliverables focused on operational efficiencies leading to a more reliable, secure, and integrated information system. Key milestones: Scholarship Matching Program (SMP); Fluid Enrollment and Class Search; CalCentral Infrastructure Upgrade; Multi-Year Academic Planner; Alumni/Former Student Access; Financial Responsibility Agreement; and Fee Remissions. Learn more about SIS

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