Summary of Culture Change Strategic Plan Goals - June 2019

The IST Action Team identified these high-level goals and objectives for the first strategic plan phase, which runs through June 2019.

  1. Build trust the the process of change and obtain buy-in
    1. Goal: Give employees opportunities to heal
    2. Goal: Ensure action team progress is being communicated to peers
    3. Goal: Increase transparency
  2. Change behavior (display empathy, civility, and respect)
    1. Goal: Create personal connections by sharing experiences
    2. Goal: Increase empathy and multicultural/diversity awareness
    3. Goal: Increase empathy and awareness and inclusion of people with disabilities
  3. Rebuild trust in leadership
    1. Goal: Create transparency around performance, growth, moving up, etc
    2. Goal: Hold managers accountable for employee behavior
    3. Goal: Improve top-down communication
    4. Goal: Leadership show appreciation for and/or recognize their teams
  4. Improve communication
    1. Goal: Break down silos and improve communication between teams
    2. Goal: Ensure employees feel heard
  5. Provide career development opportunities for everyone
    1. Goal: Adjust the performance management system
    2. Goal: Ensure diversity
  6. Ensure Telecom specifically feels more included and treated fairly
    1. Create dialogue between Larry/Leadership and Telecom

See the Highlights page for specific actions related to these goals, and opportunities to participate.