Student Tech Equity

Goals & Benefits to Campus

Support and advocate for equitable technology access for undergraduate and graduate students to engage in remote/hybrid learning and research, and continue to provide technology such as laptops and peripherals to students with significant financial need via the Student Technology Equity Program (STEP).

Empowering engaged thinkers and global citizens to change our world

  • This initiative focuses on ensuring that all UC Berkeley undergraduate and graduate students have equitable access to the technology they need for research, learning, and teaching.

Embracing the California spirit: diverse, inclusive, entrepreneurial

  • For Berkeley to continue to attract and retain the diversity of its undergraduate and graduate student populations, it is imperative that financial barriers to success are overcome. This initiative supports campus efforts for greater inclusion, equity, and accessibility.

Measures of Success:

  • Returned devices (e.g., laptops, tablets) are redeployed to additional students in need

  • New technology is provided to students in need as long as inventory remains

  • With campus partners, we have identified core student technology equity issues and developed a proposal for revamped Student Technology Equity Program, supported by philanthropy and other sources, to address digital experience needs FY23 and beyond

Anne Marie Richard

Team Members & Roles:

Anne Marie Richard, Associate CIO and Director of Student Affairs IT, Priority Lead