New Zoom Features coming July 25

July 20, 2022

One IT colleagues,

Starting July 25, 2022, several enhancements will be made to the UC Berkeley Zoom Service. We hope these new features will improve your overall Zoom experience:

  • Security changes - UC Berkeley Zoom accounts will now be able to disable the authentication requirements for meetings as long as a waiting room or passcode is enabled. These settings can be changed in your account settings.

  • Polling libraries - You can now save polls and quizzes to a library so you can reuse them in future meetings.

  • Whiteboards - Whiteboards will now be enabled for all accounts. Use whiteboards for brainstorming, note-taking, demonstrating complex concepts, group work, task organization, and more. Note: Whiteboard activity is inaccessible to people who use screen readers. If you use this feature, be prepared to read aloud all the contributions so that everyone can see and /or hear them. 

  • Zoom Apps - Zoom Apps will be enabled for all accounts. Zoom Apps currently include a timer, virtual backgrounds, and an in-meeting Zoom Room controller

Who can I contact for Help?

Tutorials on how to use the new features available in Zoom have been linked above for reference.

The bConnected Zoom Service Team

Berkeley IT | Productivity and Collaboration Services