Required use of Email for University Business

March 23, 2023

To our campus community, We are writing to remind you that, per UC policy, all email communications regarding university business, including those of faculty, staff, and student employees, must be performed exclusively through the use of an email address. Use of a personal email address, including automatic forwarding UC Berkeley business-related emails to personal email addresses, exposes you, campus community members and the University to significant information security and privacy risk. While personal email accounts can be secure, they do not have the same protections and contractual agreements that we have in place with Google. Berkeley has used the Google suite without any significant interruption or downtime for the last 12 years.

What you can do now

  1. Use your UC Berkeley email for all university business — for both sending and receiving. 
  2. Turn off any automatic forwarding you may have set up that sends your Berkeley email to a non-Berkeley account.
  3. Use your UC Berkeley email for communication in all business systems, including those that do not require CalNet authentication.
  4. List your UC Berkeley or other UC email in the campus directory, on your syllabus, etc.

To get help implementing changes to your email practice, and to learn more about the benefits and capabilities that accompany use of an email address, visit the bMail webpage 

Security and privacy: Our collective responsibility

Protecting the institution, and the individuals within it, is our collective responsibility. Learn more about the policy requirements associated with the use of a Berkeley email address. If you have questions about this message, please share them using this form


Benjamin E. HermalinExecutive Vice Chancellor and Provost 

Jenn StringerAssociate Vice Chancellor for IT and Chief Information Officer

This message was sent campus-wide to all staff, faculty, and student employees.