Templates for Large Projects

The TPO recommends these templates for large-scale projects in addition to these 12 templates used for all projects.


Why is this important?

Requirements Traceability Matrix Template

Keeps track of what requirements are open, closed, implemented or tested. Traces the requirement to its project objectives, and all the way through development, testing (with test case numbers), and implementation. Contains the sources and owners of the requirements. Helps maintain project scope and keep large projects on track.

Stakeholder Register Template

Helps you identify who will be most affected by your project, and what stakeholders will have the most influence on your success. Use with your communication plan to help determine the types and frequency of communication.

Change Request Form Template

Changes can affect many areas of the project. This template helps you analyze how a change will impact the schedule, costs & quality. It’ll also help you identify alternatives, and obtain approval for the change from the Project Sponsor.

Change Request Log Template

Helps keep track of changes, the steps to complete them, and the impact of the changes.

Project Closeout Report Template

Use this report to confirm that the project met its objectives, and what ongoing operational support will be needed to realize the project benefits.