Campus IT Action Plan Overview

We created this IT action plan in 2014 to enhance and share the value we provide to the University. From focusing on the fundamentals of IT service management and modernizing campus systems, to investing in the development of our teams so we can provide the best possible experience to everyone we provide services to or support. This website outlines many of the strategic initiatives we are undertaking across campus to solve real problems for our faculty, staff, and students to further the mission of UC Berkeley. This is not a list of everything we are working on, but reflects a set of priorities established with input from across campus.

Here are the main themes of the action plan and projects currently underway in support of these goals:

  • Focus on Fundamentals of IT Service Management
    IT Service Management (ITSM) is a process-based practice intended to align the delivery of information technology (IT) services with the needs of our customers. Our ITSM program will focus on delivering high value, high quality, and consistent services to the end user. Our primary approach is to align IT services through the adoption of industry best practices. These practices include oversight of key service functions, service governance, service portfolio, knowledge management and service strategy.
  • Deliver Excellent Customer Service
    Excellent customer service is about delivering high quality services and support in a way that allows our customers to access them in the most efficient, fair and cost-effective manner possible. To achieve this goal, we are working to infuse customer service principles into every customer touch point, from desktop support and help desk calls, to IT involvement with projects, to our Web presence and self-service. Understanding, managing, and delivering on customer goals and expectations are key to creating successful outcomes and satisfied customers.
  • Implement Governance and Expand Customer Engagement
    One of the critical success factors in delivering excellent information technology services is an understanding of campus goals and strategies, and ensuring IT investments are prioritized and aligned against them as broadly as possible. To achieve these goals we have established a comprehensive, campus-wide IT governance model and new program called 'One IT' to help strengthen partnerships across the campus IT community.
  • Improve Security of University Data and IT Assets
    UC Berkeley has a responsibility to protect key University research and informational assets. The ever-changing landscape of threats and expanded legislation requires a proactive stance against potential vulnerabilities. Our go forward approach includes an expanded policy base, education about shared responsibilities for managing critical information assets, a strengthened information security compliance program, risk assessments, and improved metrics and reporting on University information risk.
  • Improve Research, Teaching, and Learning Technologies
    Provide UC Berkeley faculty and students, in all disciplines, with research, teaching, and learning IT tools and services to improve the educational experience for students and faculty, and enhance researchers’ ability to make new discoveries.
  • Enable Campus Shared Services
    Campus Shared Services overarching objective is to achieve service excellence and gain efficiencies. This is achieved through continuous improvement, resulting in more efficient and standardized processes, with much of the activity automated through enabling technology. Our goal is to align our services in the areas of automation in order to enable CSS to achieve these objectives.
  • Continuous Improvement of IT Applications and Services
    Providing sustained value to the campus community requires continuous upgrading and replacement of key enterprise systems and technology. From new student information and learning management systems, UC wide HR and Payroll applications, to the expansion of our campus telecommunication services. Our commitment is to modernize our technological solutions making them more efficient, effective and responsive to our users.

This action plan has been developed as the result of a wide-ranging set of interviews with campus leaders and discussion within the IT Leadership Group (ITLG) and aligns with UC Berkeley's Operating Principles. View completed projects: 2014 | 2015

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