Deliver Excellent Customer Service

 Deliver Excellent Customer ServiceExcellent customer service is about delivering high quality services and support in a way that allows our customers to access them in the most efficient, fair and cost-effective manner possible. To achieve this goal, we are working to infuse customer service principles into every customer touch point, from desktop support and help desk calls, to IT involvement with projects, to our Web presence and self-service. Understanding, managing, and delivering on customer goals and expectations are key to creating successful outcomes and satisfied customers.

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Customer Service 'Community of Service'

Larry Conrad,

Build a community of service around every level of our IT organization and with IT partners campus-wide by forming a staff committee that provides recommendations to the IST senior management team on how to infuse customer service principles more broadly and pervasively throughout IST.

2016 - Customer Service training is being held across campus IT organizations throughout the year.