Implement Governance and Expand Customer Engagement

  Implement Governance and Expand Customer EngagementOne of the critical success factors in delivering excellent information technology services is an understanding of campus goals and strategies, and ensuring IT investments are prioritized and aligned against them as broadly as possible. To achieve these goals we have established a comprehensive, campus-wide IT governance model and new program called 'One IT' to help strengthen partnerships across the campus IT community.

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IT Governance

Liz Marsh, Director, Strategic Initiatives and Chief of Staff

Allow UC Berkeley to maximize its investment in information technology by creating a governance model that will:

  • Improve the integration of IT strategic planning with campus strategic plans and objectives.
  • Provide strategic direction and prioritization on critical IT issues and investments.
  • Ensure that IT strategy delivers benefit and provides value.
  • Establish IT policies that support campus-wide IT priorities.
  • Strengthen partnerships and alignment across the campus IT community.

1) Implement an IT Governance model, including supporting processes and structures.

a) Aug. 2014 - Model vetted with campus constituents.

b) Fall 2014 - Model aligned with campus strategic planning and budgeting processes.

2) March 2015 - Establish an ELT level process to prioritize campus-wide administrative system projects. Prioritization process established, priority voting matrix documented and in use. An initial process was developed and will become part of the IT Governance model with oversight by EADC.

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One IT

Liz Marsh, Director, Strategic Initiatives and Chief of Staff

Improve engagement with the campus IT community to improve partnerships, align strategies and deliver IT services in a more effective and coordinated way. This is done through the development of a comprehensive outreach campaign to build and strengthen the IT community - known as "One IT."

One IT is an ongoing program with events happening every 6-8 weeks throughout the year. The IT Summit is an annual event for campus-wide IT staff and teams to network, highlight new technology, share their work, and speak with campus IT leadership about goals and actions for the future. See all past and upcoming events.

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SAIT Work Force Strategy

Paul Robles, Acting Associate CIO, SAIT

The project will allow SAIT to develop a workforce that is able to provide the highest level of service to the campus community.

TBD - Comprehensive project to develop a personalized development plan for each staff member, provide a framework of core competencies to be shared across functional areas in SAIT, and build community within SAIT across the greater campus with our IT partners.
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