who we serve

We support 30+ IT service providers and all seven units within the Information Technology department.

what we do

We help tell our story by promoting IT services, communicating change, and sharing news about progress on projects we have underway to better serve students, faculty, and staffWe build community and more collaborative networks by engaging with campus partners through our One IT movement.

comms strategy

We work with internal clients and campus partners to develop integrated strategic marketing and communications plans when there is a need to reach a campus-wide audience. We develop best practices and communications channels for reaching out to our community of students, faculty, and staff. We utilize project management methodology to manage our projects and deliverables. 

online presence

We promote IT services, communicate changes in technology and new features as well as share news and events through the Technology@Berkeley website. We manage the IT Service Catalog, collaborating with service owners to keep their content updated in both the catalog and in the Knowledge Base. Our team is available to consult on Berkeley IT departmental websites/microsites and can offer assistance with the development of online surveys, forms, infographics, user experience, accessibility, and more. Online analytics and tools help us evaluate and measure the effectiveness of our communications.

writing and editing

We offer writing services for the Office of the CIO with a multi-channel marketing approach in mind: email communications and e-newsletters, print collateral, infographics, news features, social media, and other online content. Editing and proofing to keep content reader-focused and for quality assurance is part of our process. Often times edits we make to your original draft are due to aligning language and formatting with Associated Press (AP) style and the Berkeley Editorial Style Guide for consistency in messaging across all channels and a polished final piece.

graphic and web design

We help visually communicate and simplify complex or technical info for the campus community by providing graphic design services. From presentations to our online presence (e.g., buttons, banners, infographics, or fully designed Web pages), and related print materials (e.g., posters, handouts, brochures). Our team maintains a photo gallery of images to use in our online and print materials. We are UC Berkeley brand ambassadors, creating marketing materials that align with the Berkeley IT and One IT brand we have developed which follows campus guidelines.


Our team manages the One IT calendar helping to promote events planned by Berkeley IT units, IT staff organizations, and other campus partners. Please note: Event planning, communications, logistics, and execution are now handled by Casey Hennig for One IT events and Margarita Zeglin with the FUN Committee for Berkeley IT events. Presentations for the monthly Berkeley IT All Staff and One IT CIO Open Forums are finalized by our team to stay on brand, to ensure readability, and accessibility. We engage with the community on Berkeley IT Slack and UC Tech Slack channels and manage One IT social media channels where you can join the conversation: LinkedIn | Twitter | YouTube.

print collateral

We are available to consult with Berkeley IT units on print pieces that may be needed as part of a larger communications campaign or one-off flyers and handouts. Examples of print collateral our team has created include the CIO Annual Report, One IT posters, identity items (e.g., t-shirts, pens, bags), signage for the IT Summit and UC Tech, infographics, and more.