IT Email Announcements & News

OCIO/IST directors and managers: do you have some IT news to share? Will it involve changes in the services you provide to campus and require an email message from CIO Jenn Stringer? If so, please contact us early in your planning so we can assist in the process, add the communication to our production calendar, and get it sent out in a timely manner. It helps to give us at least five business days for internal communications to IT groups but 30 days is the minimum for campus-wide communications since we integrate our messaging with other units.

Start by filling out the IT Email/News Template to provide us with all the information needed for the message. It is important that you fact check the content you provide to us (e.g. all content, official names of programs, spelling of people's names, titles, phone numbers, website links, etc.). Email the completed form to or we can meet with you to discuss the specifics. The template includes the following:

  • Subject - sample subject heading for the email which will also be used as the headline for the news article.
  • Audience - who will receive your message, which lists do you want the message sent to?
  • Launch date - when do you want the email message sent and the news to be posted online? We will aim to hit your target date, but this may be adjusted based on other communications in the queue.
  • Draft message - you and your team take the first pass at drafting a message that clearly identifies what is happening, what action may be needed, and any follow up info if the reader has questions (a contact or website with resources).

Our team will polish the article, proof the content, and obtain necessary approvals before sending it out to the email list you requested. The article will also be posted online in IT News. Feel free to use this template for your own internal communications with your campus customers which do not require any review from our team. 

Zoom Backgrounds

Looking for a fun Zoom background to jazz up your virtual meeting? Choose from the following:

Media Inquiries

Our Communications team primarily handles internal news, for media inquiries please contact the Public Affairs news team.


A variety of templates are available for the UC Berkeley community to use that are in compliance with UC Berkeley brand guidelines. The templates provided here are for use campus-wide created by Public Affairs. 

One IT templates are also available for use by the IT community as well as branded IST and Office of the CIO templates for staff in those units. Follow these steps to use these templates:

  • Go to the IT Slide Templates folder (CalNet required)
  • Navigate to the slide design you would like to use. Click File>>Make a Copy and rename the Google Slide deck for your presentation then move the file to your own folder location and set desired viewing access (e.g. public or not). This last step is important to not have your presentation remain in our shared folder where the templates are housed.