Instructional Computer Facilities

Instructional Computer Facilities offer UC Berkeley instructors, as well as campus and local groups, computer classrooms which can be scheduled for a semester or as needed for computer/software related instruction. The Instructional Computer Facilities provide an easy location for groups who need a space with up-to-date computers and software to lead instruction or group collaboration. Our Instructional Facilities are great for instructors and departments looking for a computer-classroom for short-term or semester long use. We also work to accommodate off-campus groups who can benefit from accessible computers and a space to facilitate learning.

These Facilities are a perfect space for:

  • A class that requires the use of specific software to complete work.
  • Departmental training programs.
  • Campus associated groups with a need for a computing space along with the standard software, our teams will work with your group to accommodate your specific software needs.

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