FY25 Recharge Rates

The information presented here includes the recharge rates for various services provided by Berkeley IT, the campus's central information technology organization. This information is subject to change. 


Unit of Measure


Telecom Services

Consolidated Voice - with features
Phone lines (including call centers) with features such as voicemail, caller ID, waiting calls, etc.


$ 34.79

Consolidated Voice - without features
Standard phone lines with dial tone, including fax lines.


$ 23.15

Wireless phone plans and equipment, in partnership with AT&T and Verizon.

% service fee


Infrastructure Service

Communications Infrastructure Project
Fees for communications services for each construction project are based on a detailed plan review. Charges will be added to the total project budget.


$ 142

Security Video Services

Security Video - Maintenance
Maintenance cost for existing security cameras.


$ 304

Security Video - Installation Overhead
New security camera installation cost.

% service fee


Database Services

DB - Oracle
Enterprise Edition Oracle database for client use.


$ 551

DB - Oracle Dedicated Instance (DI)
Dedicated instance add-on for Oracle database.


$ 312

DB - Oracle Dedicated Virtual Machine (DVM)
Dedicated Virtual Machine add-on for Oracle database.


$ 954

DB - SQL Server
Enterprise-level Microsoft SQL Server database environment for client use.


$ 684

DB - SQL Server Dedicated Instance (DI)
Dedicated instance add-on for Microsoft SQL Server database.


$ 742

DB - Open Source
PostgreSQL or MySQL database for client use. 


$ 757

DB Storage & Backups
Additional storage with backups for database services.

$/5GB of additional storage/month

$ 2.95

Database Consulting
Consulting service for database administration such as performance tuning, security assessments, backup and recovery assistance, etc.


$ 178

Website Services

Open Berkeley
A complete web publishing turnkey solution that includes hosting, site spin-up, training, site launch, security, accessibility, privacy, maintenance updates, branding, new features, and ongoing support.


$ 135

Pantheon Hosting
A hosting platform that provides tools for building and maintaining Drupal or WordPress websites.


$ 20

Data Backup & Storage 

Network-based backup and recovery service for computer systems.


$ 0.10

Data Center for physical housing of mission-critical servers.

$/rack unit/month

$ 22.23

Storage Performance
Enterprise storage - Ideal for frequently accessed, throughput-intensive workloads with large datasets and large I/O sizes.


$ 0.11

Storage Utility
Enterprise storage - Best for high I/O enterprise systems, such as large database servers and VM clusters.


$ 0.04

System Support & Consultation

Platforms Consulting
System Administration consulting.


$ 164

System Support - Standard
Managed systems administration for Berkeley IT-hosted Linux and Windows servers located in the UC Berkeley and San Diego Super Computing Center data centers.


$ 153

System Support - Extended
24x7 Managed systems administration including Custom OS Patching Schedule and Scheduled Off-Hours Service Request Work. This is an add-on to Standard System Support.


$ 277

Compute RAM
RAM for your virtual computer

$/1GB RAM/month

$ 2.00

Compute CPU
CPU for your virtual computer


$ 4.00