Cloud Computing Virtual Private Server

Berkeley IT Platform Infrastructure offers managed virtual servers as an alternative to managed physical servers. This service takes advantage of virtualization technology to host multiple virtual servers, each of which functions as a complete and independent server, on a single physical server.

Key Features of the Service

  • Can be provisioned more quickly than physical servers.
  • Uses less power and cooling, supporting university sustainability efforts.
  • Choice between customer managed or Berkeley IT Platform Infrastructure managed VPS.
  • No need to purchase/refresh equipment.
  • Ability to customize VM based on a la carte pricing per the desired CPU, memory, and storage configuration.
  • Physical to Virtual (P2V) migrations - P2V Request Form.

System Administration Options

OptionsDescription of ServiceCost
Customer Managed VPS Base VPS that is supported by the customer. Berkeley IT Platform Infrastructure manages the underlying hardware. No additional cost.
Berkeley IT Platform Infrastructure Supported VPS Base VPS that is managed and monitored by Berkeley IT Platform Infrastructure.

+ $138.00/mo for Standard Support

+ $370.00/mo for Extended Support

How much does it cost?

VM Base (includes 1GB RAM) $10.60/month

Customers purchasing VMs may also be interested in adding more RAM and Storage:

  • VM Additional RAM $2.90/GB RAM
  • Additional vCPU $2.50/vCPU
  • VM Storage - Performance Tier $0.12/GB
  • VM Storage - Utility Tier $0.04/GB

Professional Systems Administration Support is additional:

  • Standard $138.00/month
  • Extended $370.00/month

How do I get it?

Virtual Private Servers are available by subscription which is charged monthly to the department’s University IT billing statement.

To order a Customer Managed VPS, submit a request through the Estimator.

To order an Berkeley IT Platform Infrastructure Supported VPS please find more information below:

Service details

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  • Phone: 
    (510) 664-9000 option 1, 1
  • Support hours: 
    Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. except University holidays. If you are experiencing an outage, please call the Service Desk after submitting a ticket and ask them to page the Windows on-call.


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  • Staff