Cellular (Wireless) Phones

We offer a variety of cellular products from our approved University vendors. AT&T and Verizon Wireless are the exclusive providers of our cellular devices and plans offered through Berkeley IT for University-owned cell phones.

Steps to Order or Upgrade Your Cellular Phone

  • Explore your options:
  • Order your phone:
    • To place an order go to our Telecom Catalog and use your CalNet ID to authenticate.
    • On the left menu under “Self Service” select “Service Catalog” then “Cellular Services” from the center of the page category options.
    • Choose “Add a new cellular Device and Plan” OR “Upgrade” if you have an existing phone that needs to be ordered or plan to be updated. Fill out the appropriate form.
    • Depending on your approval status, you may need to identify a departmental approver within your form. Select the search icon in the Department Approver field to search for the person who is an approver in your unit.
    • Complete the rest of the form fields then select “Add to cart” from the right sidebar menu.
    • This opens a new page where you can review your order to confirm your form information is correct, then select “Place your order” from the right sidebar menu.
    • A confirmation page appears with the REQ and RITM number that Telecom has successfully received your order. You will also receive an email confirmation.
  • Get approval to proceed with processing: Your order will go to your Department Approver (if you do not have this access). Once approved, we will continue with processing your order which may take 7-10 business days.
  • Receive your phone: When placing your order, you can choose to include your delivery address for us to direct ship the device to you.  If you prefer to pick your phone up at Evans Hall B2, we will contact you to provide pickup instructions.
  • Activate your phone: Contact wireless@berkeley.edu to activate your phone. Activation instructions will be included with your phone.

Pick-up Hours: Monday/Wednesday/Friday, 9 a.m. - noon

You can pick up cellular devices purchased through Telecom at Evans Hall B2. Remember to have your RITM number when picking up.

Robocall & Spam Protection

We are happy to announce we recently completed a project to add Call Protect to your AT&T campus cellular line at no additional charge. Call Protect is a feature that helps reduce the number of spam and robocalls you receive on your cell phone. This feature is only available for faculty and staff cellular lines supported by IST Telecom.

Take Action to Set Up Call Protect

For Verizon customers, no action is needed since Verizon already added phone call protection to your account automatically. If you have an AT&T cellular account, please follow these instructions to set up Call Protect on your phone:

  • Download AT&T Call Protect from the App Store or Google Play.

  • Once the Call Protect app is installed, make sure you’re eligible to use it by opening the app, entering your wireless number, then select Continue. If you’re eligible, you will receive a free text with a PIN.

  • Follow the prompts to activate Call Protect.

  • If you get a message saying that your account is not eligible, please open a ticket at wireless@berkeley.edu and we will work with you to resolve the issue.

For new AT&T cellular accounts we will include these instructions when new devices are delivered.

If you have any questions, please email us at wireless@berkeley.edu

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