Cellular (Wireless) Phones

We offer a variety of cellular products from our approved University vendors. AT&T and Verizon Wireless are the exclusive providers of our cellular devices and plans offered through IST for University-owned cell phones.

Steps to Order or Upgrade Your Cellular Phone

  • Explore your options:
  • Order your phone:
    • To place an order go to our Telecom Catalog and use your CalNet ID to authenticate.
    • On the left menu under “Self Service” select “Service Catalog” then “Cellular Services” from the center of the page category options.
    • Choose “Add a new cellular Device and Plan” OR “Upgrade” if you have an existing phone that needs to be ordered or plan to be updated. Fill out the appropriate form.
    • Depending on your approval status, you may need to identify a departmental approver within your form. Select the search icon in the Department Approver field to search for the person who is an approver in your unit.
    • Complete the rest of the form fields then select “Add to cart” from the right sidebar menu.
    • This opens a new page where you can review your order to confirm your form information is correct, then select “Place your order” from the right sidebar menu.
    • A confirmation page appears with the REQ and RITM number that Telecom has successfully received your order. You will also receive an email confirmation.
  • Get approval to proceed with processing: Your order will go to your Department Approver (if you do not have this access). Once approved, we will continue with processing your order which may take 7-10 business days.
  • Receive your phone: We will contact you to arrange delivery of your phone or provide pickup instructions.
  • Activate your phone: Contact wireless@berkeley.edu to activate your phone. Activation instructions will be included with your phone. For additional support please call 510-664-9000 and press 1, 3 & 3.

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