Communications Infrastructure Design & Build

The Communications Infrastructure Design & Build (CIDB) is responsible for the design and installation of the physical-layer (telecommunications rooms, pathways, and cabling) for the campus in support of voice and data services. We help campus customers navigate complex changes to their existing systems as well as moves between locations. We also manage the day-to-day installation of voice and data cabling to the station jack.

Before You Start Your Telecommunications Project

  • Contact CIDB - Project managers, contractors, and design consultants should contact the CIDB group before beginning the design or planning of any telecommunications projects. Send an email with a description of your project to:
  • Follow established standards - All proposed building telecommunications design work must meet compliance with Berkeley IT Telecommunication Standards. Contractors shall review all applicable standards prior to the start of any project.
  • Premise Wiring - If you need a new voice or data jack/cable, please complete a Service Request in our Telecom Catalog.

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