Document Management

UC Berkeley students, faculty, and staff have several options for managing and storing documents as well as for applying business process workflow to their documents. The table below can help you decide which option may work best for your needs.

Questions to Consider

  • Do your documents contain sensitive information (e.g. identifiable student or staff information)? If so, be sure to choose an option that has a data security level of P4.
  • Will you only need to store and view documents, or, will you need automated business process workflow (e.g. review and approvals)? Box and Google Drive are great options for storing, sharing, and viewing documents but Imagine and CalShare are the better choice if you need automated workflow.
  • Will your business process benefit from having your documents and associated data (e.g. SID, invoice number) exchange information with another system (e.g. a system of record)? Imagine may be the best option if you need to integrate with BFS, BearBuy, SIS, CalCentral or other campus systems. All the other tools have some integration with APIs but view the detailed comparison for more information.

P1 Data Security Level: Options for Document Management

Box (learn about upcoming changes)

Google Drive
Description Simple, secure file sharing and collaboration option including simultaneous editing of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Online storage and collaboration solution. Offers unlimited storage, and includes integrated access to Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, and Forms.

Eligibility Students, Staff, Faculty

Students, Staff, Faculty

Cost 50GB of storage with no direct charge to users. Included in the cost of IT Productivity Suite

Unlimited storage with no direct charge to users. Included in the cost of IT Productivity Suite.

Storage limits will apply to Google Drive in the future. Learn about Storage Changes

Workflow Simple workflow, including task assignments, due dates, and comments on files.

Limited workflow; ability to assign tasks and comments on files.

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Contact the service provider IST bConnected Team
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IST bConnected Team
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P4 Data Security Level: Options for Document Management


Enterprise Storage

eSignatures: DocuSign



Cloud-based service for creating and managing content. Create and share sites, documents, images, lists, discussions, and surveys with Web-based authoring and simultaneous editing for Microsoft documents.

Traditional file storage and retrieval service available for customers who need a network attached share to store files or data. 

The DocuSign eSignature service enables campus to reap time and cost saving benefits by using electronic signatures versus using a paper process. Create, send, manage, eSign documents.

Robust enterprise-level document management and automated workflow system. Ideal for streamlining business processes. Optional integration with systems of record such as BFS, BearBuy, SIS. 


Staff, Faculty

Staff, Faculty

Faculty, Staff
(no account or university affiliation needed to be able to eSign)

Staff, Faculty


$53 per month with 1 GB storage. 

Utility tier = 5 cents/GB
Performance tier = 20 cents/GB

Available to campus departments via consortial funding.

Unlimited storage with no direct charge to users. 

Workflow Simple or sophisticated workflows, including built-in workflows from SharePoint Design. No workflow Robust document signing order options, review, sharing and routing. Templates support easy re-use for repeated business processes. Self-service workflow design easy to configure; no programming necessary.
Automated workflow and document indexing.
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