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SAIT is responsible for ensuring the quality of Student Affairs computing environments and systems and specifically for protecting student data. The Chief Security Officer (CSO) is available to assist in assessing current business process, changes to business rules / environments, and can consult with you about specific business needs and risks. Additionally, the CSO provides partnership and coordination in working with campus auditors and outside consultants. SAIT is responsible for and provides breach containment and forensic analysis for security incidents that occur within the Division of Student Affairs as described in the SAIT Incident Response Plan. SAIT is required to assess, notify and coordinate closely with the campus Chief Security Officer in all security incidents. This service includes training for administrators and staff to prevent incidents and to minimize damage when an incident does occur, and is responsible for gaining an understanding of what led to the incident through assessment and performance of a “root cause” analysis. Keywords: antivirus, anti-virus, anti virus, scanning, social engineering, encryption, security awareness

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