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Academic Integrity services at Berkeley provides students and instructors tools to review documents for originality via TurnItIn and iThenticate. In 2015, UC Berkeley launched the Turnitin and iThenticate services to support academic integrity and the campus Honor Code. Turnitin is an opt-in tool enabled through bCourses that allows Instructors and TAs to check student assignments for originality. Instructors can use Turnitin to identify possible instances of plagiarism, or as a student-facing self-assessment tool to improve student writing and citation. iThenticate is a stand-alone system for instructors and graduate students to check the originality of their own writing prior to publication. Turnitin and iThenticate check writing against an extensive database of books, journal articles, websites and other student papers. This generates an interactive report showing the percentage of material that overlaps with sources from Turnitin’s database, with matching passages highlighted for further analysis.

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