RFP Sample Repository

OCIOSTA in collaboration with Campus Procurement has identified the following sample requirements to assist in the development of RFP requirements.

Please keep in mind that each RFP is different and that identifying and properly weighting requirements specific to an RFP is arguably the most important factor in a successful RFP process. Please also refer to the RFx User Guide.

Sample RFP Requirements

Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT)

To ensure that investments in technologies are accessible to individuals with disabilities, it is recommended that UC organizations should require IT vendors to provide product accessibility information during RFP and other evaluation processes by submitting a completed Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT). In particular, RFPs should address the accessibility of software and web applications and, at a minimum, require completion of the appropriate VPAT sections, 1194.21 or 1194.22, as well as 1194.31 and 1194.41.

Sample text has been developed for inclusion in RFPs to require IT vendors to complete the VPAT in order to facilitate consideration of accessibility in the RFP evaluation process. The actual evaluation process would be described elsewhere in the RFP. Please note that this language requires only that the bidder provide factual information on the accessibility of their products and does not require that their products meet specific accessibility standards. If you are developing an RFP for a solution that requires specific accessibility standards, additional language speaking to these requirements will be required.