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We kicked off the implementation of our Reimagining IT Strategic Plan in fall 2017 after an in-depth planning process the One IT community undertook from October 2016 through June 2017. The Program Planning Group helps guide the Reimagining IT efforts working closely with campus-wide leadership to align our efforts with the Chancellor's goals outlined in the campus plan.

ReIT Management & Governance

Program Planning Group (PPG)


  • Proposing agendas;
  • Coordinating communication with other campus governance groups and campus leaders;
  • Ensuring that SLC has a representative set of engaged members;
  • Supporting SLC members and working to make the SLC is a highly successful governance group.


    • Larry D Conrad - Chair, AVC and CIO
    • Jenn Stringer, Deputy CIO
    • David Greenbaum, OCIO Reimagining IT
    • Shelly Kleinschrodt, OCIO Reimagining IT
    • Liz Marsh, OCIO


We welcome your input and feedback as we work together to implement the Reimagining IT Strategic Plan. Let us know if you are interested in getting involved with any of the projects or work being done in support of these efforts. 

David Greenbaum, Director, ReITDAVID GREENBAUM

Director, Reimagining IT


Program Manager, Reimagining IT