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We kicked off the implementation of our Reimagining IT Strategic Plan in fall 2017 after an in-depth planning process the One IT community undertook from October 2016 through June 2017. There are two groups helping to guide the Reimagining IT efforts going forward, the Program Planning Group and the Strategic Leadership Council. Our ReIT governance is working closely with campus-wide leadership to align our efforts with the Chancellor's goals as strategic planning for UC Berkeley is underway.

ReIT Governance

Program Planning Group (PPG)


  • Proposing agendas;
  • Coordinating communication with other campus governance groups and campus leaders;
  • Ensuring that SLC has a representative set of engaged members;
  • Supporting SLC members and working to make the SLC is a highly successful governance group.


  • Larry D Conrad - Chair, AVC and CIO
  • Jenn Stringer, Deputy CIO
  • David Greenbaum, OCIO Reimagining IT
  • Shelly Kleinschrodt, OCIO Reimagining IT
  • Liz Marsh, OCIO

Strategic Leadership Council


  • Update the Plan: Review and recommend major changes to the plan based on feedback from campus leaders and from the IT community.
  • Measures of Success: Help to define and choose the right measures of success for the plan’s three central goals for this fiscal year and through FY 2020.  We anticipate updating these measures on a yearly basis.
  • Prioritizing and Supporting Tactics: Choose and help to support the highest priority Tactics (projects) that will help us to realize the plan’s goals.
  • Advise and Support the Re IT Program: Give overall advice on, and assess, the Reimagining IT Program so that we can best support the campus and the One IT community.  

Decision Making Authority and Process

The SLC will function as follows:

  • Chair is AVC and CIO, Larry Conrad
  • Certain issues will be brought to the group:
    • for information purposes
    • to get advice to go to CIO/AVC for decisions
    • to get advice to go to other IT Governance groups
    • to be decided upon by the group using a process of consensus

We will reassess this approach after the external review is completed.


  • Larry D Conrad - Chair, AVC / CIO
  • Jenn Stringer, Deputy CIO and Research, Teaching and Learning
  • William Allison, CTO and IST-API
  • Kimberly Carl Director, Information Systems and Services VCR
  • Pierre Chew, Haas
  • Jon Conhaim, Technology Program Office
  • Patricia Donnelly, Law School
  • Eric Fraser, College of Engineering
  • David Fullmer, School of Social Welfare
  • Gabe Gonzalez, Law School
  • David Greenbaum, Reimagining IT
  • Jon Hays, IST-API
  • Karen Kato, SIS
  • Shelly Kleinschrodt, Reimagining IT
  • Liz Marsh, OCIO
  • Neil Maxwell, VCRO
  • Mark Stuhr, Intercollegiate Athletics
  • Gerald Yerardi, IT Client Services
  • Traci Young, SAIT
  • Margarita Zeglin, OCIO


We welcome your input and feedback as we work together to implement the Reimagining IT Strategic Plan. Let us know if you are interested in getting involved with any of the projects or work being done in support of these efforts. 

David Greenbaum, Director, ReITDAVID GREENBAUM

Director, OCIO Reimagining IT


Program Manager, OCIO Reimagining IT