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Our IT strategic planning work began in 2017 at a time when many executive leadership positions were in transition. Our goal for the plan was to have ideas ready to share with our new leaders once they were on board and up to speed. That strategy has worked well and we are encouraged that our new campus leaders are in the process of defining a 10-year Strategic Plan for UC Berkeley. Going forward, we will continue working with campus leadership and the One IT community to update the ReIT plan to incorporate the campus strategic framework, balance key campus priorities, and continue to strengthen our IT services.

With the publication of the new Berkeley Strategic Plan in December 2018, 60 leaders of the One IT community met in an all-day workshop on January 9, 2019 to align One IT goals and priorities with the campus’ key long-term strategies. We will continue to do this as the campus refines its strategic plan through FY20.  

The campus is now in the fifth consecutive --- and, we hope, final --- year of budget cuts. IT units continue to operate essential services as efficiently as possible; fix at-risk IT services and projects; launch a small number of critical new initiatives; develop and retain staff; and build an inclusive One IT community.  The top IT priorities for FY19 and the start of FY20 are organized by the three major campus strategies and by the provision of core IT systems and infrastructure all of the campus relies on for its day-to-day work --- the campus’ IT foundation. These top IT Priorities represent only a small fraction of the totality of One IT work.

Larry Conrad, AVC for IT and Chief Information OfficerWith the exemplary work of our IT professionals across campus, we have been able to absorb budget cuts while minimizing impact on the broader campus community. The dedication and engagement of the One IT community has resulted in the phenomenal progress we have been able to make in our strategic plan thus far and toward our vision for the future.

We are all in this together.

Larry Conrad, Associate Vice Chancellor for IT and Chief Information Officer

Feb. 2019

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