June 13, 2017

Before the Berkeley Research Computing (BRC) Program brought the Savio cluster online in 2013, Slaybaugh and several of her fellow NE professors ran their computation on an internally-managed cluster. As she sees it, “there’s some benefit to having [a private cluster], because then we get complete control over the system.

June 12, 2017

June 8, 2017

June 2, 2017

Singularity is an emerging software tool that facilitates the movement of software applications and workflows between computational environments -- from a researcher’s laptop, to Berkeley’s high-performance computing cluster, Savio, to XSEDE’s national-scale clusters (e.g., Jetstream

June 1, 2017

Increasingly, the scale of data analysis means that computation can no longer be carried out on a laptop — often the only resource easily available to researchers. And while the Berkeley Research Computing (BRC) Program offers many powerful resources to researchers, it’s not always clear where to get started.

May 30, 2017

To our Campus Community,

Earlier today, several campus departments reported receiving threatening fliers on printers and fax machines over the holiday weekend. The FBI, in conjunction with UCPD, has made the determination that the threats are not credible.

Take Action

If you receive a threatening communication notify UCPD by calling (510) 642-6760.

Thirty-five leaders from campuses and medical centers joined the UC IT Leadership Academy at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business to discuss some of the most important issues facing them today.

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May 24, 2017

Effective July 30, 2017, the iThenticate service will no longer be offered by UC Berkeley. This difficult decision was driven by a combination of low usage and the high cost of making iThenticate available at Berkeley.

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May 23, 2017

UC IT Blog

open berkeley graphicIn this interview, Bill Allison, Chief Technology Officer at UC Berkeley, shares his experience rolling out a web platform solution for UC Berkeley campus websites.

May 22, 2017

 Business Intelligence Journal | Vol 22, No 2In the May issue of the Business Intelligence Journal, Enterprise Data Warehouse Manager Max Michel shows us that debt reduction isn’t only a good strategy for the finance department, he explains how technical-debt management strategy can drive efficiencies and data quality improvements in your data warehouse.

May 17, 2017

As a physics student at Princeton University, Assistant Professor Carl Boettiger had no intention of working with computers: he says he was essentially “pulled in by accident.” During his time as an undergraduate, Boettiger gradually broadened his interests from physics, which he believed to be the type of science done solely on a chalkboard, to biophysics and ecology.

May 16, 2017

Dear campus community,
May 18 is the 6th annual Global Accessibility Awareness Day. Our Web Access team would like to invite you to take some time on Thursday to stop and look at your own work and see how you can help the campus become more accessible.

The bDrive repository offers everyone at UC Berkeley unlimited storage, strong search capabilities, and mobile access. This storage is an important data management resource for research teams. The standard web client, however, does not always work well when dealing with very large files, many files, or deep folder structures. The web client’s connection is slow, and can disconnect in the midst of a lengthy, time-consuming transfer.

May 15, 2017

You can now view all IST-managed network cables currently installed in a building or room by logging into the TelCat system. This may be useful if you are trying to inventory active cables in your location, or want to find out if there are any cables installed, but are not currently connected. For more information read this article on Cable Connection Data.

May 12, 2017

To all UC Berkeley faculty and staff,

The Office of the UC Vice President and Chief Information Officer invites comments on drafts of a presidential policy, Electronic Information Security (IS-3), and a corresponding glossary for all information security and information technology policies.

May 11, 2017

Here at UC Berkeley, we have a reputation for using cutting-edge technology and tools to affect social change. As the world’s number one public university, it’s in our DNA to use our combined talents and skills for the good of others.

May 10, 2017

As a Digital Humanities Project Archivist, Julie van den Hout has made good use of the Berkeley Research Computing (BRC) Program’s free, virtualized instance of ABBYY FineReader to create a searchable corpus of seventeenth century Dutch-language documents.

May 8, 2017

Graduating from UC Berkeley as a cognitive science major in 2006, conservation biologist Paul Elsen would have never guessed that he would return to Berkeley a decade later to become a postdoctoral scholar in the Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management. Following completion of his M.A. and Ph.D in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Princeton University, Elsen returned to the West Coast and is now a David H.