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March 28, 2024

UC Newsroom

From science, engineering and enterprise to medicine, warfare and the environment, artificial intelligence is starting to infiltrate virtually every aspect of society, including higher education. 

March 26, 2024

March 25, 2024

The University of Colorado Boulder’s User Experience Research & Design (UXRD) team (part of the Office of Information Technology (OIT) includes staff and student employee user experience (UX) researchers and designers who partner with the university to improve the technology experiences of students, faculty and staff. 

March 20, 2024

Hello, One IT Community, 

This year, the 2024 EDUCAUSE Annual Conference will be hosted in San Antonio, TX (and online), and I wanted to share a few notable Conference opportunities, dates, and deadlines:

  • Be a Conference proposal reviewer: March 28, 2024 (details below)

March 18, 2024

In honor of Women's History Month and International Women’s Day, the UC Womxn in Technology Committee (UC WIT) hosted a speaker series to address a hot topic on all of our minds, the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Far too often, the field is dominated by male voices. This series aims to showcase the significant contributions these women are making to AI development, while also underscoring the challenges that AI has presented (and continues to present) for women, and other underrepresented groups. 


Congratulations to Annette Rios, associate IT director at the Goldman School of Public Policy (GSPP), for being selected to represent UC Berkeley in the annual Women Rock ITarticle in the UC IT Blog!  

UC Berkeley School of Information

At the Women in Data Science conference held at UC Berkeley this past week, four educators affiliated with the School of Information presented to a crowd of over 60 attendees. 

March 15, 2024

"Student-to-Staff” is a series featuring stories from Cal alumni who started working at UC Berkeley as students and are now career employees in technology roles on campus. This series was created to show the importance of investing in our student staff, and how vital their work is to the University and its mission. In this special Women’s History Month Edition, read about the women highlighted in this series, and their unique experiences on how they came into their full-time roles in tech. 

March 14, 2024

“Student-to-Staff” is a series featuring stories from Cal alumni who are now career employees in One IT. This series was created to show the importance of investing in our student staff, and how vital their work is to the university and its mission.

Pauline Kerschen came to UC Berkeley with the goal of getting a Ph.D. in English literature, and today she’s a software developer for Research, Teaching, and Learning (RTL). Learn about her unlikely journey, and what inspired her to change course. 

March 13, 2024

Sometimes when businesses talk about increasing accessibility, it can feel like jargon or more buzzy words to add to the laundry list of year-end goals. But the truth is, accessibility isn’t “just good business.” It’s personal. 

February 29, 2024

UC IT Blog

The application/nomination process for the UC Tech Awards program, open to all staff and faculty, is open through Wednesday, May 1, 2024, at 5 p.m.

February 26, 2024

February 20, 2024

Dear One IT Community,

In March, the CalNet team will be rolling out changes to the Campus Directory Update application (CDU) that can be used to add or update your personal information in the Campus Directory. This new application will give you more control over who can view your personal information by offering new privacy settings. 

February 19, 2024

UC IT Blog

We are thrilled to announce the UC Tech 2024 Annual Conference website and welcome you to another exciting event in Davis and Sacramento later this year. 

February 16, 2024

February 15, 2024

Student Helpdesk (Student Affairs IT)The Student Helpdesk team in Student Affairs IT impacts the campus community as the primary source of IT assistance for students.

February 14, 2024

Data Center Power Outage Updates

These are some key messages sent on Feb. 14. Visit the System Status page for the detailed log and most updated information.
  • 2:12 p.m. System Status: Restoration of systems is going well. Approximately 80% have been successfully restored.

To the campus community, 

All campus systems have been restored and are now back online following a power outage at the Warren Hall Data Center early this morning. 

February 13, 2024

February 9, 2024

To the campus community,

Power at the Data Center is back on and all campus systems including Wi-Fi connectivity have been restored.