Telecommuting Resources

The following resources for working remotely are available to UC Berkeley staff. Students and instructors have access to many of the services listed here but should also visit the Keep Teaching website which provides resources and best practices to support remote learning.

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It is important for you to test your equipment setup at your remote worksite, and also test access to the campus resources you will need. See our reference guide if you need to order equipment.

  • Computer – you have access to a laptop, tablet, or desktop computer. Don't forget to install software you may need.
  • Microphone – this is often built into your laptop or computer. You may use an external device such as a USB microphone or headset, these recommendations are from Zoom, Berkeley's video conferencing tool.
  • Webcam – like the microphone, a camera is likely already built into your laptop. An external USB camera can also be used for video conferencing, here are some webcam recommendations from Zoom.
  • Internet – either commercially provided (e.g. Xfinity/Comcast, EarthLink, AT&T, etc.) or a wireless hotspot through your mobile phone. Make sure your device and Wi-Fi router are 802.11ac/Wi-Fi 5 or Wi-Fi 6 capable for the best connection. Learn more about how to troubleshoot your slow internet speedView some off campus internet options
  • Connect –setup and test your bSecure VPN to connect to the campus network allowing you access to the various systems and applications (e.g. Blu, BearBuy, BFS, etc.) you may need to do you your work from home. Once the VPN is set up, test access to the applications you use regularly. 

If possible, set up your equipment prior to actually needing to work remotely. There are some parts of the setup process that may require access to your office on campus or are made easier by being on campus. Use this checklist to set up an ergonomic workstation.

Procurement Process

  • Computers – If you do not have computer equipment at home that meets the standards listed above, please discuss options with your supervisor. IT Client Services can assist in purchasing new laptops, submit a ticket and our team will work with you to acquire one. Please be patient as inventory and shipping times change on a daily basis.
  • Other peripherals and accessories– If you need to order and ship minor peripherals and accessories to support teaching or other essential activities to a faculty or staff member's home, you can work with a PCard holder in your department or Regional Support team to place orders using Berkeley's Amazon Business Account. The Amazon Business account has the advantage of allowing for delivery to a nearby locker service to prevent porch piracy. If you have not used this service before and you have a Berkeley procurement card, please follow these instructions. You can also email for help setting up a new account.

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Campus policy requires all systems connected to the campus network meet Minimum Security Standards, to help ensure the security of institution data and IT resources. Please review the standards and get help if your computer does not meet the requirements. Using a computer that multiple people have access to? Even if no one else uses your computer be sure to follow these best practices for telecommuting

Connect to the Campus Network

To access certain campus systems such as Blu, BearBuy, or BFS you need to connect to our bSecure Remote Access VPN. Using the VPN to access campus resources also increases security when you are connected to public Wi-Fi. The bSecure Remote Access VPN service was built using Palo Alto Networks GlobalProtect software. Setup and start using bSecure VPN | Compare all campus remote access options

Meet & Chat Online

Zoom and Hangouts Meet are services that allow you to connect with live video, audio, and screen sharing. Conduct virtual meetings, video/conference calls, or group discussions from your computer or mobile device.Google Chat is a secure communications tool, built for teams, with private direct messaging and team chat rooms. All three options are licensed by UC Berkeley and approved for FERPA data. Compare Options | Online Meeting Etiquette

Email & Calendar

Staff, faculty, and students are eligible for @ Berkeley accounts through G Suite for Education which provides integrated email and calendaring services. To login directly, go to and you will be prompted to CalNet authenticate to check your messages, access your calendar, use instant messaging, and more! Check email from your phone or mobile device using Android and iOS apps. Check email | View calendar

Phone & Voicemail

Access your voicemail online or via phone by calling 510-643-5530. When working remotely, you can forward your campus landline to another phone or just update your greeting to let callers know a number where you can be reached. Including a phone number in your campus directory listing will also help people connect with you. Voicemail User Guide | Learn more about desktop phones

Access & Share Files

We have several online options for file storage and collaboration, Google Drive and Box being the most common. Either option works great for sharing individual, group, or departmental files, including documents, photos, and more. Deciding on which is best for you may depend on if you plan to store or share sensitive data. File sharing options | Login to Drive | Login to Box | Login to CalShare

Browser Bookmarks

To access web pages you have bookmarked in the past on your campus/office computer, you will need to follow the steps provided by your choice of browser using that computer. Sync Chrome bookmarks | Import/export bookmarks in ChromeSync Safari bookmarks | Import/export bookmarks in SafariFirefox: import or export | Edge: import or export