Project Management Templates

The following project management templates are available to help all staff define and manage campus projects. The templates are based upon the effective and well-tested methodology established by the Project Management Institute (PMI) and are provided in editable formats (Word and PDF), so you can customize them to meet your specific needs. They are designed to fit the needs of both technical and non-technical projects and are simple enough to use for small projects, yet flexible enough to use for complex projects.

These project management templates can assist you in achieving your organization's business objectives by helping you to:

  • Clearly define each project's purpose, scope, and measurements of success, and ensure projects are managed to meet these standards.
  • Identify project risks that may impact the successful completion of a project, and plan to reduce or resolve those risks.
  • Maintain effective communications throughout the life cycle of the project among all project stakeholders so that all participants understand the overall project plan, the roles and responsibilities, and the current status of the project.
  • Identify and manage proposed project changes to make certain that they support the project's goals within the allotted resources and have the approval of key stakeholders.

The templates are evolving documents and will be revised based upon your feedback. The TPO staff encourages you to send your questions and suggestions about ways to improve the templates to conhaim@berkeley.eduIf you wish to access previous versions of project management templates, please view the PM Template Archive.

Download Templates

TEMPLATEGoogle DocWord / Excel DocPDF Doc
Project Communication Template Google Doc Word Doc PDF Doc
Project Charter Template Google Doc Word Doc PDF Doc

Project Management Status Report 

Google Doc Word Doc PDF Doc
Budget Template Google Doc Excel Doc N/A
Project Work Plan Schedule Google Doc Excel Doc PDF Doc
Managing Project Risk Google Doc  Word Doc PDF Doc
Risk Register Google Doc Excel Doc N/A

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