Exhibit Hall & Poster Sessions

Tuesday, July 18, 2-3 p.m. | Haas School of Business, Bank of America Forum

The 2017 One IT Summit Sponsors will have tables at Haas during the event as well as the following presenters from our One IT community. Poster presentations and other materials will be available here following the summit.

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Web Accessibility at UC Berkeley

Web Platform Services

Open Berkeley

Accessibility Best Practices
Presenters: Caroline Boyden and Lucy Greco

UC has a legal requirement to make sure we buy, develop, and use technology that meets our electronic accessibility policy, which was sponsored by the IT Leadership Council. Learn best practices to make sure what we are buying, developing, and using is accessible to all members of the campus community.

Learn more about CalNet Two-Step

Are you ready for the CalNet Two-Step?
Presenter: Ronnie Ong

Come find about how you can super-charge your account’s security with Two- Step verification. It’s quick and easy - we’ll get you registered in no time!

BRC Website

Berkeley Research Computing (BRC)
Presenter: Patrick Schmitz

The Berkeley Research Computing (BRC) program supports research with a coordinated set of services across a range of computation and data analysis needs. BRC includes consulting that ensures faculty are matched to the appropriate resources, and that the computation and data resources meet their needs.

BPAWG Staff Org Site

Business Process Analysis Working Group (BPAWG)
Presenter: Isaac Mankita

BPAWG, a UC Berkeley community of practice, offers a forum for the discussion of business process, analysis, and associated methods, tools and strategies. While each of the following is deserving of its own forum, BPAWG brings the UC community of interest together to discuss how these disciplines intersect, interact and add value to each other. BPAWG meetings offer demonstrations, discussions and opportunities to meet with experts and colleagues working in business process analysis, project management, organizational development, change management, systems analysis and design, and more.

Visit the Mendix Website

Bringing Mendix to Berkeley
Presenter: Adegbenga Adesida

Mendix claims to be the fastest and easiest platform to create and continuously improve mobile and web apps at scale. Personal experience has confirmed this. It is time for UC Berkeley to join other great universities like Harvard and MIT, to explore Mendix platform as an option for cheaper application development.

Visit Cal Answers

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Cal Answers HR At A Glance
Presenter: Mark Chiang

The Cal Answers “At a Glance” dashboard is a tool designed to give managers and strategic planners a birds’ eye view of their unit. Data for the report is drawn from the HCM human resources system to gain insights into gender, ethnicity, represented/non-represented, age, appointment type, and job level.

Online Monitoring

Campus Monitoring Norms
Presenter: Lisa Ho

The recently approved UCB Privacy and Online Monitoring Policy defines a governance framework for network monitoring practices, and formalizes long-standing practices for balancing the value and potential privacy harms of online monitoring. In addition to requiring meaningful notice to users of monitoring practices, the policy involves establishing a set of Campus Monitoring Norms. Help define what practices fall into the bucket of “norms” that are accepted without review and which practices require a Privacy Balancing Analysis. Bring monitoring examples from your environment and vote on other practices from around campus.

Campus Shared Services IT

CSS IT Performance Metrics ProgramCSS IT Performance Metrics Program
Presenter: Noah McGee

Campus tools like ServiceNow and BigFix are generating huge amounts of data every day. How do we leverage this data to build an accurate story of how our teams are performing? Can charts and dashboards be used to drive good habits and improve a team’s performance? What tools are available to automate gathering data and displaying metrics? Join CSS IT to see the way we are attempting to answer these questions by closely examining data generated by our on-campus desktop support teams. And also see how we are using metrics as a tool to discuss our team’s performance. We will look at charts generated by ServiceNow and show some ways to use Google’s G Suite to collect, display, and distribute metrics.

Cal Performances

Lawrence Hall of Science

Navori Website

Poster presented at IT Summit 2017.Display Tools in the Museum and Theater Environment
Presenters: Graham Patterson and Sean Nittner

The Lawrence Hall of Science and Cal Performances are using management tools for flexible information display for visitors and staff. By scheduling displays of mixed media (static, video, audio) as well as traditional way-finding and informational screens, we are going beyond the poster.

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Finance Dashboards in Cal Answers
Presenters: Jenny Su and Tanaiia Hall

Cal Answers is releasing two finance dashboards for operational and planning uses by Finance staff via OBIEE. They are intended to meet the business needs of managing finances and planning the use of restricted funds in all units across campus, and to make it easier to find and share information by leveraging native OBIEE functionality. The Financial Management Reporting dashboard presents financial data from the EDW and reconciles to both BAIRS and CalPlanning, as well as BFS at the transaction level. This dashboard, along with the Gift/Endowment Reporting dashboard, will provide global access to all approved financial users for the first time. This is a big win in an effort to increase efficient collaboration between units across campus. The Gift/Endowment Reporting dashboard includes both financial and non-financial data from the EDW and from the Cal Advancement Data System (CADS), such as fund terms and purpose codes. CADS uses Ellucian and is the database of record for the UC Berkeley advancement community. It contains records on more than one million individuals and organizations who are campus donors, prospects, students, alumni, faculty, members of campus organizations, and other friends of the University.

Learn more about GroundWork Monitor

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IT Monitoring for UC Berkeley
Presenters: Peter Collins and Steve Aguirre

While most IT infrastructure and application support teams currently have some form of monitoring solution for their respective services, there is no system in place that allows for a holistic view of the entire operational environment. The IT Monitoring Service is intended to provide a central coordination point for the prompt and effective resolution and communication of IT system outages. This service utilizes the Groundwork Open Source monitoring platform, housed in the IST Data Center, to consolidate all critical systems monitoring into a single pane of glass. This overhead view allows CSS IT Service Desk and responding IT Personnel greater visibility into the overall health of all mission critical services.

kraken: Lecture Recording

kraken: Berkeley Law Lecture Capture System
Presenters: Cameron Bailey and Dino Johnson

Our new tool, kraken, provides a modular infrastructure for the complete lecture recording workflow; from scheduling to distribution, including encoding, processing and publishing. We leverage some off-the-shelf technologies and developed some components in-house where we can provide added-value such as automation, processing and integration between sub-systems. Scheduling uses Google Calendar events to automate lecture recording and encoding while providing event notifications via Slack and in-class recording lights controlled via IFTTT. Both the instructor’s camera and the presented content are simultaneously recorded with Wirecast. Processing and automation are achieved with scripting and Cycling ‘74 Max and published to our LMS (via Kaltura Video Platform) where students can view recorded lectures using an interactive player. Finally, all recordings and metadata are archived using Box.

Caliper Analytics

Poster presented at IT Summit 2017.Learning Data and Analytics -- An AWS Implementation
Presenters: Oliver Heyer and Sandeep Jayaprakash

ETS has developed a multi-tenant AWS-native big data processing architecture focussed on ingesting and analyzing user events derived from online educational software and systems. Its centerpiece is a data repository, the Learning Record Store (LRS), that holds events describing system learning activities in a standard format and vocabulary. Future development of a data lake is planned to store non-conformant user events derived from other key administrative systems students and faculty interact with. Standard and non-standard events can be queried to create data sets made available to academic researchers via API, feed role-specific visualizations, and drive other real-time applications. The architecture includes a privacy dashboard that discloses to users which of their learning data is being collected, how it is being used, and provides an opt in/out data use toggle.

Berkeley Haas Panopto site

Lecture Capture at Berkeley-Haas
Presenters: Robert Bazydlo and Eric Mayer

Berkeley-Haas has employed Panopto as both a video content management and lecture capture system. We've integrated the technology directly into our new classroom building Chou Hall and have employed a variety of other methods to integrate existing classroom spaces, both with and without installed recording equipment.

IT Leadership Program

Poster presented at IT Summit 2017.Practices to Lead From Where You Are
Presenter: Kimberly Carl, Dave Browne, Shawn Smith, Michelle Bautista, Kimberly Carl, Noah Beil, and Jon Hays

The notion of being a leader can create doubt and confusion. One might ask: Am I a leader? If I don’t have a leadership role then how can I lead from where I am? What do I need to know or do to be seen as a leader? Many of the practices leaders apply in their work are easy to grasp conceptually and yet challenging to apply in one’s work. By incorporating leadership practices into our work - we lead from where we are. Our team will present some of the leadership practices highlighted in the IT Leadership Program and engage people about the benefits of using these practices.

Student Computing @ Cal Project

Student Technology Services

Student Computing @ Cal Survey
Presenters: Anne Marie Richard, Erik Mitchell, and Owen McGrath

The Student Computing @ Cal project - a collaboration among SAIT, ETS, The Library, IST/OCIO, and CSS IT - recently administered a survey to gather baseline information about computing resources available to students across the UC Berkeley campus. Join us as we share what we have learned.

Learn more about the Tech Fund

Poster presented at IT Summit 2017.Student Funds at Work: The Student Technology Fee, What it is and Project Highlights
Presenter: Jennifer McNulty

The Student Technology Fee, voted into creation by students in spring 2014, is a seven-year mandatory $51 per semester Campus Fee assessed to all graduate and undergraduate students. The Fee supports commercial software licensing such as free Microsoft Office and Adobe Suite downloads for every student, in addition to technology-focused projects put forth by students, faculty, and staff to benefit students. Stop by to learn about project highlights and how you can apply to the Student Technology Fund.

Student Technology Services/a>

Poster presented at IT Summit 2017.Student Technology Services
Presenter: Hayley Bower

Student Affairs IT has renamed our Residential Computing student technology support program to Student Technology Services. We now offer tech support services to all students on campus and have opened a new walk-up student tech support helpdesk in Moffitt Library. Student Tech Services has also launched a new website with the goal of connecting students with the many technology resources and opportunities on campus.


CADS Access & Training

Technology for Fundraising at Berkeley
Presenter: Kalpa Barman

UDAR(University Development and Alumni Relations) IT supports the operation of UC Berkeley advancement by managing CADS (Cal Advancement Data Systems), a suite of applications used for conducting fundraising, donor and gift stewardships and engagement, gift management, marketing and maintaining donor and alumni databases. This exhibit displays UDAR technology portfolio, applications and integration components used throughout the system which helps raising about half a billion dollar annually.

Read Research IT News

Telling Our Story, Telling Researchers' Stories
Presenters: Quinn Dombrowski and Steve Masover

What does your organization do, and what impact does it have on campus? Telling our IT story is a crucial part of rendering our work visible to users and campus leadership alike, but most groups don’t have resources for dedicated communications staff. This poster will describe Research IT’s two-pronged approach to communications: 1) involving all staff in writing IT stories directly relevant to their work, and 2) working with student writers to develop “researcher profiles” that highlight active research projects and describe how Research IT’s services support that work. We will also provide hand-outs with example articles and the Research IT style guide.

Visit the PCSSC Website

Poster presented at IT Summit 2017.UC Consolidation of Workload Automation and Managed File Transfers
Presenter: Laurie Graham

Production Control Shared Services Center (PCSSC) works to automate workloads. We take manual tasks and convert them to efficient automated tasks utilizing Control-M and GoAnywhere software. We do this for UCB, UCOP, UCSF, UCPath, and UCSC. We are a true UC Shared Service.

User Experience Community of Practice

Poster presented at IT Summit 2017.Usability Reviews by the User-Centered Design Group
Presenter: Rachel Hollowgrass

The User-Centered Design Group performs usability reviews of IT projects such as websites and applications as a service to the UC Berkeley community. Usability reviews are based on a combination of a heuristic evaluation and a cognitive walk-through.