API Central

API Central, Berkeley's API management & developer portal, makes campus APIs centrally available, well-documented, easy to use, and secure.

API Central provides the management functions vital to your service so you can just develop and run your API. It displays your API on a central Berkeley site so it's trusted, recognized, and easy to find. It includes detailed, interactive documentation using OpenAPI specs so it's easy to learn and put into use. It manages access both at the gateway using Basic Auth and to the individual fields in your payloads using fine-grained authorization. You can even rate-limit calls to your API to protect your back end service against mistakes or abuse.

Together, API Central, the NGINX reverse proxy gateway at apis.berkeley.edu, and our DataPower fine-grained authorization appliance form the Berkeley API Management Platform.

When to use API Management:

  • You have an API you want to be easily discovered and used by developers in the campus community
  • You want a campus standard hostname for your API or want to obfuscate its host
  • You need to secure access to your API using secret tokens
  • You need to rate-limit calls to your API to protect against mistakes or abuse

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