Siteimprove is a website monitoring tool that helps us improve accessibility and usability. Siteimprove is administered by UCOP, and locally managed by the Digital Accessibility unit in Berkeley IT.  

All and subdomain websites must be monitored in Siteimprove.

Key Features

Siteimprove can help you:

  • Improve accessibility to help meet ethical and legal requirements

  • Locate and fix broken links and misspellings

  • Improve search engine optimization

How do I get access and add my site?

You can request that we add users or websites. Use the Siteimprove Support Request form

Important: Log in to with your CalNet login first! This established your account. Then, we will set up your access to site reports.

How does it work?

SiteImprove crawls your website every five days, performs a variety of automated accessibility tests, and reports any issues found. Because Siteimprove crawls your site on a regular basis, it can be used for ongoing monitoring and alert you to changes over time. You can also share reports with others or export issues to track remediation tasks.

It is essential that all pages, sections, or subsites of your parent site are linked to somewhere on your website. Otherwise, Siteimprove can not find them.

What sites can we add to Siteimprove?

You should add sites (URLs) that are:

  • Owned / managed by UC Berkeley –and–

  • Publicly-available (do not require login)

  • Domains ( and subdomains ( or

We can not to add (and should remove):

  • Third-party apps, social media pages, and cloud-based services (Facebook, Mural, Smartsheets, Google Sites, etc)

  • Redirected URLs

  • Printer or scanner URLs

  • Sites that require login

  • Specific pages of a website, subsites, or subdirectories (Example: We want entered as a site, but not These must be set up as Groups.

How do I use Siteimprove?

Visit How to use Siteimprove to check your site on the Digital Accessibility Program site for guidance.

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