Siteimprove is an easy-to-use website monitoring tool that helps improve site content quality, increase accessibility compliance, and enhance your website's visibility with improved search engine optimization (SEO). Siteimprove is funded entirely through UCOP and offered to all UC campuses, in an effort to make websites accessible to everyone, particularly to people with disabilities.

Key Features

Siteimprove helps website owners to:

  • Align site with changing accessibility guidelines;
  • Locate and fix broken links;
  • Locate and correct misspellings;
  • Increase your site’s SEO.

How do I get access?

UC Berkeley faculty, staff, and students are eligible to use Siteimprove with your UC Berkeley affiliated websites. There are a few steps to start using this service:

  • Create your Siteimprove account using your UC Berkeley credentials (CalNet ID and passphrase) at
  • Submit your request to the UC Berkeley Siteimprove team using this support request form (make sure you are already logged into your bConnected Google account).
  • For websites that are behind a login: you will have to verify that your site does not contain anything above Protection Level P1 data by completing this form to request to use Siteimprove to scan non-public-facing sites.

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