Reimagining IT: Process

Lead From Where You Are

Our approach to our strategic planning work is to lead from where we are. IT leaders and teams from across campus are coming together to:

  • Shape our own narrative for the future
  • Build the One IT Strategy from the “bottom-up.”
  • Meet the most critical campus IT needs.
  • Build on what we already have in motion.
  • Manage strategically through the budget crisis.
  • Develop a robust set of options for incoming leadership to prioritize and take action on.

Agile Process

  • Sprints - The project is set up in four-week sprints. During a sprint, the Work Group teams will prioritize ideas, come to shared vision, and produce a meaningful outcome or minimally viable product. The teams are self-organized and responsible to negotiate how much they can accomplish during the sprint.
  • Open Seminars - During a sprint, seminars and information sessions will be open to the campus community. Project participants will present their work in progress and answer questions, get feedback, and discuss emerging ideas.
  • Group Retrospective and CelebrationAt the end of the sprint, the Work Groups gather to share what went well, what went wrong, and what can be done better in the future.

Reimagining IT Strategic Plan timeline graphic