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Agile Mindsets to Build One IT - An Approach to Chaos and Uncertainty
Presenters: Donna Seaward, Judy Dobry, Jon Conhaim, Ken Sumikawa, Marlita Kahn, Wendy Pennell, Kim Carl, Kendall Moalem, Lisa Martin, Michelle Bautista

This is an interactive primer for Agile Project Management.

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BigFix at UC Berkeley
Presenter: Clifton Hom

BigFix is the backend system managed by IST Endpoint Engineering and Infrastructure (EEI) to offer unified inventory, patching, non-admin self-service software selections, anti-virus, and wide scale configuration management services for IT and customers on campus.

Join us to learn how BigFix allows IT to focus on customer service and complex problems, results in cost and time savings, increases endpoint and campus network security, enables the ability for high level data driven decisions, and contributes as a component of The Berkeley Desktop. Stop by the session to ask any questions surrounding BigFix!

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Business Process Analysis Working Group (BPAWG)
Presenter: Isaac Mankita

BPAWG, a UC Berkeley community of practice, offers a forum for the discussion of business process, analysis, and associated methods, tools and strategies. While each of the following is deserving of its own forum, BPAWG brings the UC community of interest together to discuss how these disciplines intersect, interact and add value to each other. BPAWG meetings offer demonstrations, discussions and opportunities to meet with experts and colleagues working in business process analysis, project management, organizational development, change management, systems analysis and design, and more.

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Cal Assessment Network (CAN)
Presenter: Katie Dustin

The Cal Assessment Network (CAN) is a campus staff organization that offers the UC community a forum where like-minded colleagues can make connections, find support, receive training and share best practices on the topic of assessment. Monthly meetings, a list-serve and a bDrive folder provide resources for discussing a broad range of topics including: how to write effective surveys, where to find the data you need, measuring strategic and financial outcomes, and creating data presentations that get your messages across cleanly and crisply.

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CSS IT: A Year in the Life of IT Service Management Flow
Presenters: Jerry Yerardi and Michelle Bautista

Examining our current ITSM workflow and the role that CSS IT currently plays.

Deploying JupyterHub For Instruction
Presenter: Ryan Lovett

The Jupyter Notebook is a powerful and elegant way of creating and sharing code, visualizations, and documentation. In data science instruction, hosting notebooks in JupyterHub eliminates the need to have students replicate software installation on personal devices, reduces the demand on physical lab resources, ensures reproducibility, and more importantly, frees up time for both learning and teaching.

Digital Imaging in the Library
Presenters: Tim Pinault, Jenna Jorganson, Christine Huhn

The objective of the digital imaging team is to provide expanded access to the library’s collections via digital surrogates. The digital objects are then ingested in a variety of digital repositories including the California Digital Library, Hathitrust and OskiCat: UC Berkeley’s library catalog.

The digital imaging team consists of four full-time staff and five student assistants. A combination of high-resolution cameras and scanners are used to digitize a wide variety of rare books, photographs and manuscript collections. In 2015 the library implemented a new public service imaging program with the Bancroft Library. Made up of entirely patron requests, this program resulted in more than 17 thousand images in its first year.

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DIY Media at UC Berkeley
Presenter: Tim Gotch

The ETS Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Media service facilitates instructional media creation for the general campus. This includes assistance with creating video content, access to the ETS DIY Media Studio and Workstations, equipment checkout and basic consultations around developing projects.

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Email Simplification Program
Presenters: Jon Hays, Jennifer Bellenger, Ian Crew, Bernie Rossi

The bConnected team in IST-API has recently embarked on a major email simplification program to increase the reliability of, and decrease the costs associated with, delivering email service to campus. As a part of this program, we are working to eliminate older on-premise infrastructure, and re-examining the architectural decisions that have been made over the past 25+ years with the goal of finding solutions that are simpler, less expensive, more reliable, and easier to maintain.

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Watch Videos

Find IT at the Library!
Presenters: David S. Wong, Cesar Portillo, Eric Fernandez, Willgine Khusyony, Jason Delaney, Jay Boncodin, J.J. Mansalay

A video presentation of the public computing services offered by the Library, with Q&A by LCIS staff.

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IST Database Services
Presenter: Walter Stokes and team

We take care of your databases, so that you can focus on YOUR core competency...learn more from members of our team about the database services that we currently provide to 123 different customers across campus. Be it Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL or Postgres, on-prem or in AWS, we can likely help.

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IT Community Council
Presenter: Brian Waechter

The IT Community Council (ITC) is a group of departmental IT leaders representing academic and administrative units across the UC Berkeley campus. Sponsored by the Associate Vice Chancellor for IT and Chief Information Officer (CIO), the ITC serves as an advisory council addressing campus-wide technology issues. Its mission is to foster communication and collaboration between departmental and campus IT service providers. The group meets monthly throughout the year.  Come by to learn more about the ITC.

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IT Leadership and the ITLP
Presenters: Chris Hoffman, Anne Marie Richard, Mark Chiang, Neil Maxwell, Jerry Yerardi, Ben Gross

What is IT leadership? Nearly 50 IT leaders at UC Berkeley have gone through a multi-university program called ITLP. This poster will provide more information about the program, the UCB alumni of the program, and the other university partners who have participated in the program.

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Maximo Project: Enterprise Asset and Work Order Management System Replacement
Presenters: Greg Colf, Jay Sundu, Dharmesh O’Mahony, Steve Dalton

The IBM® Maximo® Asset Management suite has been selected as the replacement for the Asset Management and Facilities Services current work order system (SPAN & Dynalogic). Maximo is an industry-leading, comprehensive solution for managing physical assets on a common platform in asset-intensive industries. In addition, the system will enable web and mobile access for AM-FS staff and clients.

Maximo is an application designed for enterprise asset management (EAM). As an integrated solution, Maximo will enable us to manage the lifecycle (operate, maintain and dispose) of our enterprise assets in the most effective and efficient manner.

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Preparing for the IT Project Management Policy
Presenter: Jon Conhaim

Campus will be implementing the IT Project Management Policy for UC Berkeley on January 1, 2017. The IT Project Management Policy has been designed to:

  • Improve the success of IT projects across UC Berkeley in achieving campus strategic goals.
  • Increase our capacity to deliver IT projects within budget and on schedule.
  • Support and strengthen the ability of campus staff to collaborate effectively on IT projects by sharing a common language and set of practices, thereby reducing project risk.

Learn about the policy and the resources available to help staff prepare for its implementation. 

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Research Data Management at UCB
Presenters: Chris Hoffman, Rick Jaffe, Jamie Wittenberg

UC Berkeley's Research Data Management program is a collaborative campus-wide initiative led jointly by Research IT and the Library to help researchers manage their research data.

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SAIT's Student Leadership Program
Presenters: Anna Blankinship, Kim McPhee

Learn about the student leadership program at Student Affairs Information Technologies, which supports professional development and learning for students through employment in an IT organization. The poster illustrates where students fit into the different functional areas of IT and highlights our centralized recruitment, hiring, and training cycle that is critical in the successful function of our program.

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Student Technology Council
Presenters: Jeffrey Wang, Anne Marie Richard, Hayley Bower, Amber Nieto

The STC's mission is to connect, innovate, and sustain in order to meet student technology needs. In pursuit of this mission, we connect the Cal community while providing tools for interdisciplinary collaboration on and off the UC Berkeley campus. Innovate durable solutions for student technology needs sustain the Council and its impact through transparent governance and high standards of accountability. Some past accomplishments include passing the student tech fee referendum, hosting an annual Code4Cal hackathon, and having a mobile app adoption to get student made apps to be sponsored by Berkeley on the app store. Current projects include a campus-wide needs assessment, student tech fair, mobile app distribution, and a tech summit. To learn more about the STC, visit our website

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Tango: Pairing People with Opportunities
Presenters: Judy Dobry, Lese Chen, DJ Visbal, Anamika Sinha

Need to accept and review resumes?  Want to run a fellowship or mentorship competition?  Want a place where people can apply and pay for a conference or workshop?  Want to accept payments for something?  Then Tango's the online system for you.

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The SIS Project
Presenters: Karen Kato, Ben Hubbard, Adam Cohen, Ross Stivison, Danny Grieb, Chris Cameron

The SIS Project group will present four topics: 1) Cal Central 2) Integration 3) Infrastructure & Development 4) Data Conversion, Reporting & EDW.

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UC Berkeley IST Business Continuity
Presenters: Todd Wagner, David Rieger

The office of OCIO/IST provides disaster recovery and business continuity solutions for centrally managed IT systems. The IST Business Continuity team facilitates and coordinates failover solutions for critical IT applications, systems and functions for UC Berkeley. IST Business Continuity can provide reliable failover solutions for your IT systems, provide consultation for your IT application teams, or assist you in building IT resiliency plans for your department. IST partners with a geographically separated (from Berkeley) state of the art failover site at the San Diego SuperComputer Center so your IT applications are guaranteed available during any disaster. Remember, it’s not a matter of if an outage will occur, but when

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What Has Micronet Done for You Lately?
Presenters: Vivian Sophia

The poster will be an invitation for viewers to contribute their ideas of how Micronet has or can be valuable to members of the campus IT community.